Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Day one was interesting. My principal did not have any time to meet with me because she had three meetings to attend. I was left to run things with only a custodial staff. I have to admit I was a little overwhelmed but soon got the hang of everything.

Day two I met with my principal for about an hour and we agreed and planned many things. I am so excited now. I am creating a workshop that will design an instructional plan for my school. I am using a lot of information from a meeting I had with fellow new and seasoned AP's.

After cleaning the inch of dust and grime out of my office, I am ready to begin working.  I am trying to get used to the critters...the largest cockroaches I have ever seen. Getting used to them means stomping on them, spraying them to death, and then cleaning up the carcass. So I am not doing too well. I went on a complete tour of the school and one of these critters jumped on my principal. We freaked out together, so it was good to see we had that fear in common...you know the one where the bugs crawls up your pant leg!!!!!

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